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kitchen backsplashes

High-quality kitchen tiles add a lot of character and unique design elements to the most important room of your home. Whether it’s used as the kitchen backsplash, a feature wall, or a surround on bars and islands, glass tile is an excellent choice. They offer a great opportunity to flex your DIY muscles and design the kind of kitchen you will really love.

At Glass Tile Warehouse we offer a wide range of tile at great prices so you can start your kitchen tile backsplash or wall project without breaking the bank. Our online ordering system makes it easy to find the products you need, and you can shop by finish, color, or tile size to get the best tiles for your kitchen wall and backsplash. We are committed to providing the kind of customer service you expect, and we’ll make sure you get the right tiles for your project right away.

Why Glass Tiles for the Kitchen?

There are many reasons for the current trend toward glass tiles in the kitchen. Where once the options were limited to a few primary colors it is now possible to find a huge variety of colors and patterns. These tiles, with their shade variation and other distinct characteristics, give you the chance to add something that is truly unique to your home. If you haven’t yet, visit our idea gallery for start brainstorming your ideal kitchen.

These kitchen backsplashes aren’t just about protecting the walls from unintentional spills – with a little creativity they can be the focal point of your entire kitchen.

Designing Your Kitchen Backsplash

Our tiles can add something bold and brilliant to your design or accentuate your kitchen area with something a little more subtle and subdued. Installation is not much different from ceramic tiles, and they are easier to maintain and keep clean. All our glass tile is frost proof and chemical resistant, and all the color is either “through body” or kiln fired, so it won’t fade, peel, or crack over time.

Whether you are simply updating an older kitchen or remodeling the entire room, we can help you get the best glass tiles for the job. Now is the time to get the materials that are both functional and attractive and start creating your dream kitchen. Order your tiles today and get started.

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